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What's a French–Slider?

Well, it's based on the famous French Door. It's history dates back as far as the 17th century when France was at war with Italy. The original French doors were constructed of individual, single paned pieces of glass and wood, but over time, the door has become widely popular throughout its existence because of its multifunctional uses and beauty.

Over time, French doors and other door styles have evolved and have become drastically more elaborate. Today, these doors are present in the home and office, often a popular choice of architects, civil and structural engineers who value their rich history and also favor spacious atmospheres. The creativity and innovation of French door manufacturers have created using new techniques to improve a French door, including installing miniblinds between the panes of glass for added privacy when desired. Folding French doors are a restaurant owner's favorite for expanding seating capacity. Only our imaginations can limit the uses of a French door. There's really no boundary when using something as simple, practical and elegant as a French door.